If only social media were a bit more… social!

I’m a social media junkie – I’m not going to even try and pretend I’m not. Any attempts at “detoxing” from the constant stream of information that I allow myself to constantly be exposed to, has failed dismally. But then again, I’m not very good at detoxes from sugar, wheat or caffeine either. Judge away. 

Back to social media though… I’ve noticed a trend in the last few years about how much less we seem to actually interact now, compared to the early days.  

We used to do so much more than “like” things. I seem to remember a lot more talking, banter, debate, feedback. 

Nowadays it seems like all I, and a lot do others do, is “like”. A heart here and a thumbs up there. I’m totally guilty of this. How many blogs do I follow, and how rarely do I say anything to the bloggers I like and respect? 

 And yet, as a blogger and socialmediaphile (yes, I totally made that up), nothing makes me happier than a real wordy comment on my IG pic, blog, tweet or FB share. Yes, views and likes are cool… but tell me what you think? What you really, really think?

Like I said – I’m absolutely guilty of this myself. Maybe it’s a symptom of information overload and too little time to take it all in? There’s just so much happening on the WWW that I spend the time I allocate to it skimming the details. Maybe what I follow needs to be more carefully curated? But FOMO is real y’all!

I’m going to make it my mission to have quality engagement with friends and acquaintances on social media. Really try and build networks. Less emojis and more real words. 

Tell me what you think? What you really, really think?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I have been blogging for over 10 years & remember the “good old days” when there was a small bunch of bloggers in South Africa who all commented on each other’s posts! I got through the first year of raising my firstborn on Twitter & advice from all the mommies in the same boat as me. We were a community.

    I’m looking forward to building more relationships & friendships on social media by participating & commenting!

  2. I feel the same! Sometimes I worry that my content is just not as engaging anymore. People are still reading it, but they’re not interacting with it. But then I examine my own online habits and realise that I am guilty of the same!

  3. I hear you! Sometimes it really is just too much to get through, you really have to prioritize. We cram a lot into our days and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the ‘engaging’ but then there are times that its like the desert with out water. It would be nice to just have this constant flow but without it becoming out of hand. 🙂
    Great article Hil (heart emotican, extra smiley face and a high five!)

  4. So very true and so very guilty!!! I get so excited when people interact with my posts and blogs and sometimes a lot despondent when they don’t!

    We are all in the same boat Hil! People are reading and loving your blogs – they are brilliantly written and ho eat and funny and real!!!! But we are in an info overload world! I think it will cycle back again as I can see that we are all crying out for the interaction but I guess we all need to make it happen.
    I would also love more interaction and comments on my blogs – we all work so hard on these things.

    So yeah let’s change the reality and comment on each others work!

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