Do something that scares you everyday (or The opening night for BOLD Birth Theatre, Joburg)

Do one thing every day that scares you.

Eleanor Roosevelt US diplomat & reformer (1884 – 1962)

Wow! I can’t believe that after months of talking, planning and rehearsing, we are finally here – we had our first performance for press and birth professionalslast night. It was great!!!

I’ll be honest – I was nervous about how it would be received. None of us are professional actresses and the most acting any of us had done until now was a bit of highschool/uni drama. And that was a long long time ago! We decided to perform the play with our scripts in hand, to help with the confidence levels, make sure the stories flowed and were portrayed accurately. I was concerned that whilst this was clearly an amateur performance, that having scripts in hand would make it look even more amateurish. But I think my fear was unfounded. We all knew our parts really well and while the scripts were there as a comfort blankie, I don’t think they detracted from the story at all!

There were lots of nerves, lots of rescue remedy drops were consumed, lots of calming essential oils were inhaled (don’t laugh, most of us are birthy, slightly crunchy girls who believe in that sort of thing!) and we all had a glass of red wine beforehand to alleviate the jitters.

And then it was time. With the first laugh from the audience, I knew we would be okay. One of the tag lines from the play is “My body rocks” and last night we definitely rocked!

During the interval, we were happy – it was going well and confidence levels were up, but so were my nerves… my “big scene” happens in Act 2. But it went so well – no lines forgotten or skipped… after that it was smooth swift sailing to the end. WE DID IT!

There was an interesting discussion after the play with the audience about the content and message of the play and that was kind of the point of it all – we are all activists for better birth experiences for mothers the world over and this was activist theatre. If you left the auditorium with something to think about, then I believe that we did what we set out to do.  

One of the highlights of the evening was to meet Karen Clarke, the founder of Busfare Babies – they are the beneficiary of all of our performances and they deserve every cent for the wonderful work that are doing with rural mothers in Hamburg, Eastern Cape.

We ended the night on such a high, chatting and hungrily consuming the leftovers from the cheese and wine function held before the event – with the nerves gone, we were all ravenous!

And we do it all over again on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Some photos from last night can be viewed on Jenty’s blog.

For more info check out our Facebook page and our website… and book your tickets!!!

Saying Goodbye to Tigger and Pooh

I know my kids are getting big. I see the evidence daily in their growing independence and their ever lengthening limbs, sticking gawkily out of the clothes I bought them just a month or two back. And sometimes this fact manifests itself in other ways…

Just before Claire was born, we moved Ewan from his cot into his “Big Boy” bedroom, complete with bed, new Winnie the Pooh duvet, matching stickers for the walls and a new chest of drawers. I remember coming across these cute Winnie, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore drawer knobs that I.ABSOLUTELY.HAD.TO.HAVE to match his new decor scheme!!! 

We have moved house since and the duvet was relegated to the back of the linen closet as a spare for sleepovers etc, but the chest of drawers remained, without complaint in Ewan’s new bedroom, until a couple of months back. We painted the house and did a bit of redecorating. Ewan got a funky grey/chalkboard bedroom makeover. While we were busy with all the changes, he quietly asked if we could please change the drawer knobs. 

It was one of those moments where I realised that my boy is really growing up… Goodbye Tigger and Pooh!


I got to do a fabulous belly cast today – this mommy-to-be wanted to include some of her face in the cast. Initially I was a little nervous, having not cast a face before but it turned out beautifully and I cant wait to finish it! 

Being BOLD

A couple of months ago one of my friends from our doula community decided she would like to either stage a performance or a screening of the play “Birth” by Karen Brody. “Birth” is the Vagina Monologues for the birthing world and something about this idea grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. Maybe it was the high school drama club in me that needed some attention but I volunteered to get involved and here are – a few months down the line with venues, performance dates set, a website up and running and publicity starting.

In addition to assisting with the organising, I am playing the role of Janet in the play. Janet is a lesbian woman in her early 40’s who decides to have a baby. She is strong willed and I love her determination in spite of what her peers think.

The proceeds of our performances will go in part to BOLD and in part to Busfare Babies.

Bold is an international movement to make maternity care mother-friendly and there have been hundreds of these fundraising performances of Birth around the world since 2006.

Busfare Babies is a local non profit birth house situated in the Eastern Cape whose aim is to bring gentle, safe birth to local rural women.

Please check out our website and if this is a cause which speaks to you, please support us by seeing our play or donating to our cause or forwarding details on to whoever you think would be keen to help!

A meme to get started again…

Yes, In Hil’s Head has been sadly neglected following my attempt at a blog post each day for a month earlier this year. Which is not to say that nothing has been going on In Hil’s Head – just that Hil couldn’t be arsed to write about it!

So in the spirit of getting things going again… a meme I found over at Jenty’s blog…

Right now, I am perfecting my work avoidance technique.

I’m currently obsessed with loom knitting, low carb eating and yoga
Cannot live without my husband and kids.
I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey – lousy writing but everyone is doing it…
I’m listening to The Black Keys

Favourite place in Joburg is Parkhurst

Favourite place in SA is Knysna
Favourite place in the world is London
I’ve lived in Jozi and Witbank
Next up on my bucket list is to write a bucket list
The last thing I crossed of my bucket list the heading “Bucket List”
I realized I was an adult when I started doing monthly grocery shopping
I realized I’d never be an adult when my mom gave Marie Biscuits and milk after I had my wisdom teeth out
In the movie of my life, I want to be played by Anne Hathaway
Best invention since the wheel: My iPhoneand iPad
A house is not a home without the trail of mess my kids leave behind as they get home from school
This week I’m crushing on Adam LevineNeed I say more?
I’m currently working on the courage to plan yet another birthday party (Claire turns 7 in two weeks!)
I’m really proud of my art
You’d be amazed if I showed you my handbag and what it holds
I cannot survive winter without lip balm, my electric blanket and my gas heater
My signature dish is Butter Chicken and Chocolate Brownies
Guilty pleasure is Pick ‘n Pay Honeydew’s Bar One doughnuts
When no-one’s looking, I check my phone for a Facebook update
In my next life I want to be naturally skinny
Every morning, I lie in bed for too long and swear that the next morning I will get out of bed earlier
I believe that happiness is created.
I’ve really got to work on my doula business and art skills
Best advice I was ever given was to listen to your intuition
Now it’s your turn…


I wasn’t the most popular mom in the world this afternoon – I bought my kids some canvases to play around with, but wouldn’t let them paint with my paints or brushes.

They probably would have done much damage, and my paint and brushes are not the most expensive around but they and my art “studio”  are mine, and special to me. These are some photos of my space. 

Nicole posted two days ago about the lost art of letters. Yesterday, as my idea for my daily post took hold, I decided to write down my idea. An idea turned into a full fledged post as the thoughts flowed. There is a poetry in letting the thoughts flow out the hand. So if you will excuse the office note paper… 

I am not particularly inspired to blog anything tonight so I am posting a pic instead. This was one of the first paintings I ever did on my own after the required school projects. I painted it on an old bed sheet primed with PVA.

The sheet has an odd story attached to it… our first family pet, when I was a child was a Boxer named Jessie. She ripped a sheet off the washline, damaged it, and for some reason my mom never threw it away. When I was hunting around for something to paint on years and years later, the ruined bed sheet was just the thing.

I used cheap oils – one of those box sets with tiny tubes and loads of different colours. I hammered the frame together myself out of scraps of wood in my dad’s garage. This painting hangs above my parent’s fireplace now.

My mom tells me that the paint is starting to flake in places – no surprise considering the poor quality materials used. I may have painted loads of paintings since but this is the one that I love the most.