Foodie Fabulousness: 6 minute cauli-rice 

I loved the feedback I got from my Banting Granola post the other day so I thought I share another of my favourite low carb basics with you.

Nick always teases me and says the Banting community would find a way to make chocolate (or something equally impossible) out of cauliflower if they could. He also blames the high price of things like butter and cauliflower on us low-carbers – supply and demand and all. He’s probably right! 

CF really is the most versatile veggie, whiffy scent aside! I’ve had amazing cauliflower rosti, cauli-mash and and cauliflower pizza bases, but the easiest and my favourite is cauli-rice. 

I use it as a my “starch” for curries, stews and bolognaise. The strong smell seems to disappear and it becomes the perfect base to take on flavourful, saucy dishes.  

On a side note – they say cauliflower makes you fart, but for me, starchy wheat ingredients have a far worse effect (is that TMI???) 

Sorry -I got side tracked – I shouldn’t talk of farting in a food blog!

I know zoodles (zucchini noodles) are also a great base, but they’re a pain in ass to make at home. You can buy them ready made in woolies, as you can, cauli-rice, but I’m not a fan, unless you’re planning to cook them on the same day. I find they don’t stay fresh very long, all chopped up, and they’re more expensive too. 

Anyway, onto my method:

Take one head of cauliflower and blitz it in the food processor for a couple of seconds. 

Stop when it looks like this: 

Add a couple of knobs of butter and some salt… you decide how much! You could probably add other spices, like nutmeg, at this point. Nutmeg is awesome with cauliflower!


Microwave haters, look away. 

Nuke the rice for about 5 minutes, stirring half way to distribute the butter and salt. 

Et voila… 

I cooked mine to eat with a Bolognaise sauce, while the rest of the family ate spaghetti. And my meal makes an awesome workday lunch, so that’s tomorrow sorted! Yay!

So there you have it, my easy peasy 6 minute cauli-rice.  

Thanks for reading! 😘

Hil xxx

Foodie Fabulousness: Banting Granola

We’re trying to eat healthily in this house… well the adult contingent is, at least. You know, start the new year right and all. 

I’m trying to eat clean and follow a low carb, sugar free diet, as close to the letter as possible! I absolutely have to get serious about eating well because my weight has been moving steadily,  completely in the wrong direction for the last eight or so months. 

Nick doesn’t necessarily eat LCHF, but he tries to stay away from eating too much bread and eats well to fuel all the running he does. At the moment he’s training for the Two Oceans Ultra and those long runs make him HUNGRY!

One of the keys for my success will be having easy food that I can grab for work – particularly since I eat at least two of my three meals a day at the office. Having a pantry full of low carb options leaves me with choices and not feeling bored and frustrated.

So with that in mind, I bring you my take on The Real Meal Revolution’s 

Banting Granola

Nuts and seeds -I used a 500g Banting mix of nuts and seeds available at Dischem for about R115.00 – it contains walnutspecansalmondsmacadamia nuts, pumpkinsunflower seeds and coconut shavings. You can really make this mix up to your own taste. 

I like to bulk my mixture up with extra coconut shavings and seeds. The coconut crisps up really nicely when you you toast the mixture. 

Cinnamon – I love cinnamon – truly one of my favourite scents and flavours. I add cinnamon very liberally. You could add other spices too, like ginger or allspice. 

Butter and coconut oil – A good couple of dollops. 

Sweetener : honey, xylitol or whatever your drug of choice is.

Pinch of salt – not sure if this is entirely necessary but I find most things taste better with a tiny pinch of salt. 

I like to crush the bigger nuts a bit, just so that they’re not big, whole nuts. Give them a blitz in your food processor or pestle and mortar if you have some anger issues to deal with. 

Toss the whole lot – nuts, seeds and coconut – into a big, deep baking dish. 

Sprinkle the cinnamon liberally. 

Sprinkle the salt – not liberally, really just a pinch! 

Add your sweetener – sprinkle in the xylitol or drizzle over the honey. I used the tiniest drizzle of honey because I’m trying to go sugar free and eat clean so no artificial sweeteners. At the same time, I do think the granola is nicer with a little bit of sweetness. 

Dollop a couple of spoons of coconut oil and/or butter on top of your mixture. 

Place under a hot grill. This is where you need to be careful! This mixture burns super quickly so I place under the grill for 30 – 40 seconds and then mix it all up. Rinse*, repeat until the whole mixture is toasty brown and fragrant. Don’t walk away while you’re toasting your granola! Just don’t! I speak from experience. 

Leave to cool and store in an airtight container. 

I eat my granola with double cream yoghurt, and perhaps some blueberries or strawberries. It’s delicious and easily sustains me until lunchtime. My only advice here is to not eat it every single day – mix it up with other low carb brekkies like eggs etc. And watch your portion sizes. I use about 30 – 40g of granola and about 100g of yoghurt.

Nick’s Not-Low-Carb version is amazeballs:

Oats, yoghurt, bit of milk and a dash of cream, chopped fruit, all mixed up, with a liberal sprinkling of granola on top. Refrigerate overnight so that the oats soften in the yoghurt, milk and cream. Ready to go, first thing in the morning. 

Please share your go-to work day lunches and brekkies! I can always do with extra ideas! 


* Please don’t literally rinse – this is just a phrase 🙂

Matric results day: My 2 cents worth

Congrats to all of the 2016 matriculants who got happy results today!

When I was in highschool there used to be a TV ad about a bunch of kids getting their matric results by hanging out in front of a newspaper office at dawn in a beat up old volksie and cracking open bottles of coke (?) in celebration. I seem to think it was coke? I was always quite disappointed that I didn’t do that. I wonder if anyone did?

My dad drove me to my school that day. I’d already landed my first insurance job by then, so I’d taken the morning off to collect my results. The receptionist wouldn’t hand them to me and I had to go into the principal’s office to request them. I was terrified. But it was only because they couldn’t trace one of the text books I was supposed to have handed in.

I passed. My dad dropped me at work. I took the bus home. I’m sure we celebrated but I can’t remember those details. Oh and my mom insisted I sort out the text book misunderstanding with the school myself because I was officially all grown up now. Adulting 101.

The thing that I’m reminded of today is how fortunate I was to fall straight into a job. I often have wished that I had taken more time off, but in retrospect it was probably a good thing that I grabbed that first job. I’d been for the interview while I was still writing finals. When they asked if I would be happy to start mid-December, I said yes. I was willing and eager and took the gap given. Maybe if I’d been less eager to start, they would have been less eager to employ me? That first job sucked in so many ways, but it led to my second job. The one where I met Nick and created a real grown up life.

I was lucky. Not everyone landed a decent job with only a matric back then and it’s even less likely to happen now!

If studying further is not in your immediate plans or beyond your budget then take whatever else you can find! Seriously guys, just do SOMETHING. It all counts toward a bigger picture and you never know where a seemingly menial job may lead you. Who you may meet and impress along the way. Even unpaid volunteer work or interning can lead you to places you can’t imagine. And work hard at whatever it is you find to do. You’re never too good for the job you’re in!

You need to know that Grade 12 is not the end of your education. It’s the end of a phase, just like pre-primary and primary school, but it’s not the end! It will continue. And it absolutely must continue if you want to keep moving forward. Take any opportunity that you may stumble upon to improve yourself. I’ve been fortunate to work for companies that have paid for me to study and I’ve completed a couple of insurance related courses which have helped me in each subsequent job I’ve applied for. I’ve now reached a point where not having a degree has proved to be a huge barrier in my career aspirations so at the ripe old age of 39, I’m one third of the way to getting a Bachelor Degree.

Oh and you may not know what you really want to do for the next five, ten, twenty years of your adult life. I certainly didn’t. I’ve had a thousand career ideas and it’s only in the last few years that I have gained a little clarity. Apparently I’m not a freak and it’s quite common… So while you’re figuring it all out, do whatever comes your way and do it to the best of your ability.

I could ramble preach chat for hours on this subject because it’s really close to my heart, but I won’t.

Good luck kids!


Aunty Hilly 🙂

Back to School Sanity-Savers

Geez – this back to school stuff is expensive! This year particularly , what with the teen entering high school and needing an entire new uniform!

By uniform, I’m not talking white shirt, grey pants and black shoes. I haven’t even done that shopping yet! I’m talking blazer, a straw basher (umm – what century are we in again?), PT kit, house shirt, rugby shirt, rugby boots, tracksuit… the list is literally endless!

And then there has to be new bags and pencil cases for both. We teased the tween and told her that she could just inherit her brother’s bag if hers wasn’t good enough. He could have a new one, because new school and all *evil laugh*!

Seriously though, after a year of hard use, they both need new bags! And then there was the task of convincing the tween that the pretty sparkly satchels that you can buy at “Typo” and “Claire’s” are not appropriate for lugging around a pile of exercise books, text books, stationery and three week old sandwiches and banana skins. I wish I were kidding about the bananas but the tween’s main complaint was that her backpack smelled of banana. I’m sure that it is at this juncture that my mom or aunt will remind me of the time they discovered a couple of moulding peanut butter sarmies in my school bag when I was about 9 – all neatly flattened in-between those cardboardy compartments that all uncool school bags had.

Anyways – back to the shopping. I’ve been doing this back to school thing for a fair number of years and these are some of my top tips for the back to school drill:

  • We have a super awesome little stationery shop in our local mall that make up stationery packs according to individual requirements. I simply emailed them the lists that I got from the school for each grade and within the day I had a quote and by the end of the week the packs were ready and waiting to be picked up and paid for. And price wise, they’re really competitive. I did a spot check on one or two of the more expensive items like the scientific calculator and they were really well priced. So, so, so much easier than fighting your way through Makro or Game or CNA and hunting on hands and knees for a specific 745 page right margined, half quad and half feint A25 work book.
  • We always buy new stationery as per the lists provided each year so that the kids start the year off with some excitement about all things shiny and new. I speak from experience as I can’t get motivated to get going with my own studying with yucky old stationery. I go through all the old stuff and save what is usable for the home work desks. I sharpen all the pencils and test the khokis and highlighters and throw out the broken and almost finished. Spare scissors, glues, sharpeners, compasses and protractors are kept aside for those last minute “mom, I’ve lost …” requests, five seconds before we are due to leave the house.
  • And sticking with glue (see what I did there?) I also buy a couple of extras because they ALWAYS run out! I also always buy a pad of coloured poster paper to keep aside – for those last ditch attempts at projects.
  • If you don’t fancy keeping last year’s used pens and pencils etc – spare a thought for the needy kids who don’t get awesome new goodies!
  • I strip the clean paper out of last year’s partially used exercise books and keep it in one of those clear plastic storage boxes from Westpack. Scrap paper is always useful for random things shopping lists and visits from littlies wanting to draw. That’s about as far as my recycling of school stuff goes. I tried once to melt down a gazillion wax crayons into one big one – but that was a waste of time and energy. Thank goodness my kidlets are past the wax crayon stage!
  • If you do have to buy paper text books and particularly if you plan to pass them down to younger siblings – take your time to cover them with sticky backed plastic. It makes such a difference to keeping them in a decent state so that the younger sibling doesn’t cringe with embarrassment when their turn comes to using the books.
  • And on the note of hand-me-down books, I’ve now dedicated a bookshelf for text books and set works and dictionaries etc. Saves us having to fork out extra ronts when sibling 2 needs a book that you’re 110% certain sibling 1 had and can’t find anywhere until months after it is needed.
  • Get the kids involved in getting all this back-to-school stuff ready. Seriously. If they can write their names legibly, they can help with the labelling! I’d also like to take this moment to thank the stationery gods for slip on plastic book covers!
  • has an awesome selection of school bags at good prices. Let’s just hope ours arrive in time for school next week. I left the ordering till today, but online shopping really is the

What are your tips and tricks for back to school? And tell me I’m not alone with the mouldy sandwiches, please!



P.S. My little local stationery shop has branches in Randpark Ridge and Morning Glen. Find them on – they didn’t ask for a punt – I just think they’re super cool!

Bringing 2017 “into Focus”

Tomorrow I go back to work – my official start to 2017! We’ve had a lovely few weeks as a break, and now it’s time to face the real world again. That means it’s also time to consider what I want out of the year ahead! 

Sharon over at posted her word for the year and it got me thinking about mine. What immediately sprang to mind was the word “FOCUS”.
It’s time to focus on achieving my goals!

I’ve got to focus on my studies! I’d love to graduate with my degree at the end of 2018 and this means I need to do some some serious work in the next two years!  
I must, must, must focus on my fitness and my health. I’m officially sugar free (as of yesterday) and tomorrow I will lace up my running shoes and test my wonky tendons on the road again. I want and need to run again for a thousand reasons! 

I want to focus on doing more of the things that make me happy – writing, creating. Taking moments to lie on the grass, enjoy a cup of tea, read a book. 

Focus on being present for my family! 

Focus on finding joy and magic in each day and making the year I in which I turn 40 a fabulous one! 

I could go on and on about the things I need to focus on, but then you might lose focus and stop reading, so I’m going to sign off and focus on finding something to wear to work tomorrow! 


Endings and Beginnings

Hey hey – it’s the first day of 2017! 

I kept planning to write a goodbye 2016 post – but holiday chill got the better of me and I didn’t get round to it before the clock struck 12 last night!

Social media has been all abuzz about how nasty 2016 was. Honestly though – I see people saying that every year. It was just a year. It had good moments and bad moments. I reckon for us, more good than bad.

I took a look at my resolution blog for 2016 and I’ll give myself a pass mark. I managed to achieve some goals, made progress on a few and flunked one or two. 

My top achievement was finishing the first year of my degree, in one year! It was hard work and very stressful but I did it and now, being one third of the way in, I have no excuse not to carry on and complete my second year. 

I also ran the Two Oceans half marathon and some other half marathons in the first half of 2016. But that all came to a grinding halt in the second half of the year. 

I’ve made some progress in my career plans too. They’ve not gone as quickly as I had hoped but progress is progress, nonetheless. 

We’ve had some amazing holiday and trips and I’ve loved all the photo opportunities! Follow me on Instagram (@inhilshead) to check out my iphoneography escapades. 

My battle with my weight loss was been one of the fails for the year. I lost focus and let the stress of the last half of the year get the better of me. I’ve eaten my stress, my emotions and all the chocolate and it’s been a slippery slope back to where I started. The lack of regular exercise didn’t help either. So in total clichéd fashion, the new me starts today.

I bought a lovely new car this year! I’m absolutely loving driving it! 
As for my family… they’ve all had some amazing highlights too. 

For Ewan, the long anticipated end to Primary school finally arrived. The last few weeks of “lasts” for him and us left us all with mixed feelings. 
It’s a strange place to be in as a mom. Claire will still be at the school so I’ve not said goodbye completely. But I did say goodbye to parents that I’ve known and chatted to for the last 9 years! Some have become good friends and we will continue to socialise, but others remained friendly, familiar faces that I might only bump into again. There’s some sort of sadness in that. 

And on to highschool… I know Ewan’s a little nervous and so am I – there is just so much to get used to! 

Claire has had an exciting year too. It was her first year doing competitive gymnastics and she did really well, achieving junior Gauteng colours and a whole bunch of gold medals! 

Nick ran his first ultra marathon and a whole bunch of other races and just gets fitter and stronger. I’m excited to see where and how far his running shoes take him in the coming years.

This fabulous pic was taken by Jeanette – find her at

Thank you 2016 for some awesome memories, lessons and experiences! 

Onward and upward!   

The Foot Chronicles… or my (chronic) left foot 

I’ve mentioned the foot/ankle/leg thing a few times. If you’re a regular reader (and yay for you!) you’ll know that it’s been the reason for my extended absence from my running club for a few months now. 

I started off with a self diagnosis with the help of Dr Google. It doesn’t take brain (or even foot) surgery to look up “pain on inside of ankle after running” and find a diagnosis that ticked all the symptom boxes. 

My (correct) self-diagnosis was posterior tibial tendonitis. I then went to a physiotherapist who confirmed the diagnosis and did some treatments and strapped me up.

 But while the strapping and treatment helped a bit with the immediate pain, it wasn’t a remedy and pretty much any stretch of walking now leaves me aching for hours. Running is out of the question. 

After weeks of doing the “rest” part of RICE, with no improvement, I finally decided to seek treatment. Even though I knew what was wrong, I wasn’t sure how to fix it. And I’ve procrastinated about going to a specialist of any sort because, to be honest, I’ve had no idea where to start. Physio? Biokeniticist? Podiatrist? Orthopedic? Reflexologist? Craniosacral Therapy? All of the above?

Long story short, after chatting to a sports podiatrist, I decided a consultation with him would be a good start. And I had a very long and in depth consultation with him this morning. 

At the the end of it, I’m left wondering what’s actually not wrong with my left foot. Low arch, PTT, shin splints and tight, crackly, fascia. So where to from here? He’s recommended physio for the inflammation and custom orthotics to support the arches. And I probably need to shoe shop for a new daily shoe wardrobe. I basically need to be in a supportive shoe 24 hours a day. Ok maybe not 24 – I do sleep for about 7 of the 24 hours. 

Right now, the most comfortable shoes I own are a pair of grungy black combat boots. I’m not sure if can build an entire summer wardrobe around combat boots! The best I could come up with is this:

Once the pain is gone, I can start doing some l strengthening exercises and slowly start running again. Baby steps. 

So there’s the story. Hopefully I’m on the right path for my left foot… and that OMTOM2017 is not completely off the table. 

39 things

This was going to be a cynical, but funny post about 39 lousy things about aging but since it’s now the end of the loveliest birthday and I’m full of the gratitude and joy, I can’t possibly think of 39 things to be grumpy about! 

Okay, so my hairstylist talks of using colour for “extensive grey coverage” and the facial I had today was an anti aging one, at the recommendation of the beauty therapist… But truth be told, I really don’t mind getting older. 

I know so many awesomely inspiring women over the age of 40. I have the privilege of calling many of them friends. And they’re wonderful. They know themselves and yet are open to learn more. They’ve achieved so much and continue to push for more. They’re wise and funny and empathetic and brave. So bring on middle age. It looks like fun! 

I’m so grateful for all the special people who I saw, or that called and messaged me today! And especially my Nick, Ewie and Clairebear who spoiled me rotten. If the rest of 39 is even half as good as today was, I’m going to rock this last year of my thirties! I’m ready to count down to 40! 

The Injury Edition

Hey everybody!

It has been about two months since I last confessed posted. Two months of exam stress! If I ever decide to try do four modules in a semester again, please feel free to smack me upside my head! It was terrible. Loads of stress, very hard to focus and I am pretty sure I will be redoing one, if not two of the modules! I’m actively trying not to think about the outcome for now. I will deal with the regret and remorse next month when the IMM release the year end results.

It’s also been about two months since I last attempted a run. The ankle issue I mentioned in my last post has now become a thing. The physiotherapist I went to see diagnosed Posterior Tibial Tendonitis – and Dr Google concurs. My symptoms tick all the boxes. The frustrating part is that there’s no quick fix. Walking and running is pretty much out the question for the foreseeable future. My current project is to find the right treatment for the issue.

I had hoped that a few weeks of resting it from exercise would sort the problem, but it’s clear now that there is no improvement. As long as I am mostly sedentary, like a normal day in the office at my computer, then the pain is limited and I am only vaguely aware of the tenderness. As soon as I get a bit more active – and by this I mean walking leisurely around a shopping mall, the pain becomes very noticeable and uncomfortable.


Today was the big Soweto race. I’d registered to run the half marathon again this year and it was in my first week of training that I discovered that I really had a problem. Facebook was full of memories of last year’s race and this morning, Nick and all our running buds left home at 4 am to run the 2016 race. I stayed home to babysit and made the crew a big breakfast for after the race.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had FOMO. Running is the first form of exercise I’ve ever really gotten into and it sucks to not be able to participate. Running is good for my body, head and soul. I want to try get into the gym thing while running is out of the question. Getting hot and sweaty at the gym gets the endorphins flowing but it doesn’t feel quite the same as pounding out a 5k on the roads. I guess gym will cover the head and body bit. For the soul, I need to try to focus on being creative again… post a  bit more regularly here on my blog and put brush to canvas and every now and then.

So I have a project plan and a plan… now to just keep with it!

Till next time friends!


Image result for runner injury images








Oh hey – look… it’s my Blog!

Where am I? What’s this? Oh right… my blog… that place where I sometimes dump a load of words in the hope that someone reads them and derives some enjoyment. A little corner of the internet that I’ve claimed as mine, devoted solely to my musings. And I’ve all but abandoned it. It’s a tad dusty in here now after months of being left vacant. Thought maybe it’s a good idea to pop my head in and open the curtains for a bit.

So where have I been? Oh, I’ve been around. Wish I could provide more exciting details, but honestly, the last few months are just a blur of work and home, parenting, chores and the odd playdate with friends. A little bit like being on a hamster wheel. You know the feeling, right?

claire-gymIf you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that Claire had a round of gymnastics competitions which took up a bunch of weekends and she has an armful of gold medals for her dedication.

Ewan was finally accepted into the high school we were all hoping for, so now the countdown to the last day of primary school is on! Each time we have a primary school event, it’s in the back of my head that this is the last time we will do it with him.

One of my highlights in the last few months was buying a new car! After deliberating for new-carages, I finally signed along the numerous dotted lines and bought a lovely cream coloured Renault Captur as a replacement for my Honda Ballade. I am absolutely loving driving this baby. It has all the bells and whistles, and I do like bells and whistles. Even though it’s relatively small and zippy, it doesn’t feel like I’m driving a dinky toy.



Workwise, I’ve had an interesting few months. I went on a fantastic leadership course as well as a great business project management course. The leadership course was absolutely fascinating in terms of the insight it gave me into how I think. In preparation for the course, they did two detailed assessments on the participants. The results affirmed that I really am a creative being at heart, with a strong bent towards people and reasonable organisational skills, but not a whole lot of natural analytical skill.


I’ve been given a regular opportunity to use my creative word skills at work and I am loving the challenge. Much like my blog (or a painting – way back when I used to play with paint) I am always fascinated by the process of sitting in front of a blank screen (or canvas) and finding the flow. Most of the time, I love the result. Especially if I leave the finished product for bit and then revisit it with fresh eyes. Maybe I’ve neglected my blog a bit because I am getting a regular writing fix at work? Or maybe I’m just looking for excuses 😉

I can’t say I’ve done a whole lot of reading lately, but I am absolutely in love with Audible. Between the audio books and podcasts, my drive to work is a pleasure. I find that I listen to different things to what I would normally read. My default read is light chick lit, but as audio books, I love biographies and mystery/suspense. And as for the podcasts, I really enjoy listening to the comedy stuff, particularly live storytelling. If I’m not on Audible, I listen to podcasts on Cliff Central. They’re intelligent and irreverent, obnoxious at times, but a whole lot more entertaining than old school radio. Isn’t it amazing how we can pick and choose media content nowadays?

Staying on the subject of picking your media content, we also cancelled our DSTV account at home and we now do Netflix. I’m not a big TV watcher at the best of times, and much rather prefer browsing the interwebz and social media for mindless time out, so I don’t really miss much on DSTV, except maybe the cooking shows… I always loved the cooking shows. I am enjoying a bit of series binge watching now on Netflix. Nick and I just finished watching a really cool Brit crime drama series called “Broadchurch” and we are now on the hunt for the next series to watch.

And then there was the studying thing… Oh boy, I’m battling with the motivation to buckle down and study at the moment. Exams are just over a month away and I really needhil-assignments to focus. I started off the semester pretty well with my assignments – or at least I think I started well, I haven’t actually had the results yet – but I’ve really not been very disciplined in the last few weeks.

In an attempt to gather myself towards myself, I bought a Vit B complex supplement as well as some herbal brain power supplement called Xcel. I told the lady at Dischem that I would come back and buy her a chocolate if these products that she recommended actually work and I pass my exams!


Finally, an update on my running. Or lack thereof. Running took a bit of a back seat in winter. After reality kicked in and I decided not to attempt running a the CT marathon (happening this coming weekend) I took a bit of a time out. I walked at least one session each week, but I’ve been finding running quite painful. My right knee was sore – which seems to have eased up recently. My left foot and ankle however have been giving me a lot of trouble. I feel okay when I walk, but running has been painful. And the hours after running are even worse!

Last week, I decided to enter the Soweto Half Marathon to give me something to work towards again. I committed to a training plan, but after two short consecutive run/walk sessions this past weekend, I realised I can’t and probably shouldn’t try and run through the pain. I was in a lot of pain on Sunday after my 8k run/walk and my left foot is actually swollen at the moment. I’ve consulted Dr Google and self-diagnosed and I’ve finally made an appointment to see a physiotherapist and have an appointment this evening.

All being well, I plan to do the 10k Cape Town Peace Run/Walk this coming Sunday while Nick, Jents, Karen and Lance take on the 42.2k. I am so excited for a grown up weekend away with Nick and our friends and enjoying the scenic 10k route at a leisurely pace, taking loads of pics and just soaking up the vibe.

And that, friends, is my news for now. I won’t promise loads of regular blog posts for the foreseeable future because my focus really should be on studying, but if the inspiration strikes…


Hils xxx